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Each school has a duty to deliver a Sports Programme which can give each and every child the opportunity to enjoy school sport. All children have the opportunity to benefit from learning to explore new sports and practice the life skill of teamwork sport provides. It's more important now than ever before due to Covid to get our children outdoors and have fun, stimulating their body and minds which is so vital to their mental health.

Parents expect equal opportunity for their child and sport is a great way to deliver this. If a school can excite and energise a
less able young sports player to engage with a sport and develop a life long love of sport then this an achievement a school can be very proud of.



  • Providing After School Cricket & Rugby clubs for Key Stage 1 & Key Stage 2 around the South West.

  •  Our cricket lessons are more than just learning how to bat, bowl & field.

  • The Spirit of Cricket is delivered by enthusiastic qualified coaches and our courses have been designed by our international coaching team focusing on the “fundamentals of Movement” to develop individual skills, teamwork and fair play.

  • The emphasis is always on joining in and having fun!


       The main aims of rugby at LP Sports is to ensure that each pupil will:

  • Gain and refine a range of rugby skills and techniques 

  • Increase their knowledge and understanding of rugby 

  • Develop a range of desirable personal qualities such as self-esteem, self-confidence, discipline and perseverance and fun

  • Interact and co-operate with others, working towards common goals, and developing a sense of fair play, tolerance and empathy for others.


  • Our coaching sessions have been structured to ensure maximum fun and participation for all members and we welcome boys and girls ages 5-18 of all abilities to come along and get stuck in.

  • We firmly believe our programme can help youngsters to develop their skills and build their confidence both on and off the pitch.

  • In addition to ensuring our coaches are FA qualified they also have the necessary background checks to coach.


  • Hockey is a fantastic opportunity to get involved in a small sided team based environment.

  • Our highly experienced staff will plan and deliver quality coaching sessions to help improve and refine children’s skills.

  • Sessions will be broken down into technique, skills and small sided games and mini tournaments to ensure all children have plenty of opportunity to have control of the ball, understand the rules of the game, master the stick and be aware of spacial awareness and positioning.

  • Tactics and strategic play will be broken down and discussed for all children to understand how to work as a team, and understand the roles of defending and attacking.


  • We run our programme at primary schools across Gloucestershire and Wiltshire. The sessions introduce children to the sport and our sessions cater for children of all ages and abilities.

  • The sessions teach children the basic techniques used in tennis and our programme keeps the children engaged with the key aim of having fun.


  • A Multi-Sports programme which includes a wide variety of sports and activities.

  • The main objective is to introduce children to as many sports as possible to provide them with the opportunity to have a taster of a variety of sports they would not necessarily have chosen.

  • Sports such as cricket, dodgeball, hockey, tennis, basketball, tag-rugby, frisbee, football and many more.

  • Children will be introduced to and coached in 1 or 2 sports each week, dependant on the duration of the club. All sessions include a FUN warm-up, fun games, skills and small sided matches. These sessions are perfect for a child new to sports but also caters for the experienced sports enthusiast.


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